\n"; $phishing6 .= "\n"; $phishing6 .= "Phishing Email Test 6\n"; $phishing6 .= "\n"; $phishing6 .= "\n"; $phishing6 .= "\n"; $phishing6 .= "\n"; //** $phishing6 .= "To: johndoe@fraudtest.com
\n"; //** $phishing6 .= "From: \"update@msn.com\" <update@msn.com>
\n"; //** $phishing6 .= "Subject: Don't lose your MSN Hotmail account!
\n"; //** $phishing6 .= "Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 09:01:01 -0100
\n"; //** $phishing6 .= "
\n"; $phishing6 .= "
Si vous ne voyez pas correctement cet email, cliquez ici.

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\n"; $phishing6 .= "Don't lose your MSN Hotmail account!

\n"; $phishing6 .= "As a valued customer, we want to remind you that if you don't sign in to MSN Hotmail for 30 days, your account becomes inactive and:

• You will lose all messages and attachments in your Inbox and other folders
• All of your incoming e-mail will be rejected
• You will lose all contacts in your Address Book

This information cannot be recovered*, so make sure you sign in at least once a month.

To avoid this hassle, you can subscribe to MSN Hotmail Extra Storage, which exempts you from this inactivity policy and lets you enjoy more freedom. It's the smartest way to help prevent the loss of all the important information in your MSN Hotmail account.

\n"; $phishing6 .= "
Hotmail Extra Storage also includes:

  • 10MB of Hotmail storage ? five times the storage of a free Hotmail account
  • Larger attachments ? send and receive attachments of up to 3MB per message
  • Virus scanning & cleaning ? McAfee? Security virus solution scans incoming attachments**

    \n"; $phishing6 .= "There are multiple plans to choose from, starting at just $19.95*** per year.
    So sign up for Extra Storage today!

    \n"; $phishing6 .= "
    \n"; $phishing6 .= "
    \n"; $phishing6 .= "Other updates for Hotmail users
    Here are a couple things you can do to improve the security of your MSN Hotmail account:
    Sign out of Hotmail when you finish a session or before you go to another Web page by clicking Sign Out in the upper right corner of any Hotmail page.
    Keep your browser and Internet software updated. Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer?, often provide updates that deliver enhanced security features and resolve security issues.
  • \n"; $phishing6 .= "*An account can be reactivated (and retain the same alias) if the member signs into the account within 90 days of when the account first became inactive. However, the folder contents and Address Book entries cannot be restored.
    **Hotmail utilizes McAfee Security virus scanning solution to scan all attachments on incoming e-mail messages, and virus cleaning is provided for infected attachments for MSN Extra Storage subscribers. Please note: The McAfee.com virus scanner may not be able to detect all known viruses and variants, and not all viruses can be cured. The e-mail virus scanning service is not available when accessing Hotmail through Outlook? Express.
    ***Annual fee plus applicable taxes. You must agree to the MSN Subscription Agreement to access the service. A valid major credit card is required. The then-current annual price for MSN Extra Storage will be automatically charged to your credit card until you cancel your subscription or select an alternative plan. Available only for personal non-commercial use. This offer applies to U.S. Residents only. Prices subject to change.

    \n"; $phishing6 .= "As a Hotmail member, you have received this e-mail to inform you of updates, changes to the Hotmail service, or special news and information from MSN. Our policy has always been to send e-mail messages only to announce such information, and we'll continue to honor this policy. If you do not wish to receive Hotmail member letters, you may close your Hotmail account. Thank you for being a Hotmail member. Read the MSN Privacy Policy.

    Please do not reply to this e-mail, as this is an unmonitored alias. If you have general questions regarding your Hotmail account, please click Help in the upper right corner for Hotmail?s comprehensive online help.

    Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA

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