\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; $phishing1 .= "Phishing Email Test 1\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; $phishing1 .= "
Si vous ne voyez pas correctement cet email, cliquez ici.

"; //** $phishing1 .= "From: support@citibank.com
\n"; //** $phishing1 .= "Subject: Verify your E-mail with Citibank

\n"; //** $phishing1 .= "
\n"; $phishing1 .= "Dear Citibank Member,

\n"; $phishing1 .= "This email was sent by the Citibank server to verify your E-mail address. You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering in the small window your Citibank ATM/Debit Card number and PIN that you use on ATM.

\n"; $phishing1 .= "This is done for your protection - because some of our members no longer have access to their email addresses and we must verify it.

\n"; $phishing1 .= "To verify your E-mail address and access your bank account, click on the link below:

\n"; $phishing1 .= "\"http://www.securecitibank.us/scripts/email_verify.htm\"

\n"; $phishing1 .= "---------------------------------------

\n"; $phishing1 .= "Thank you for using Citibank

\n"; $phishing1 .= "---------------------------------------\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; $phishing1 .= "\n"; echo $phishing1; //** $email = "lbayart@iss-software.fr"; if ($email != "") { $this = new mime_mail(); $this->from = 'CitiBank '; $this->plain = 'text/html'; $this->subject = '[TEST PHISHING] Verify your E-mail with Citibank '.$nb.'/'.$tt; $this->body = $phishing1; // 'nomdufichier' peut etre un nom complètement différent du fichier réel // $this->attach( $contenu_fichier, 'essai.vbs'); $this->to = $email; $this->send(); } ?>